10 Things Every Conservative Father Should Do For His Daughter

10 Things Every Conservative Father Should Do For His Daughter

The bickering of political correctness among parents across social media is often entertaining and at the same time sad. Every day there are stories of parents who’s extreme desire to conform to a politically correct liberal standard drives them to treat their kids like social experiments. As a conservative I have no reservations about treating my daughter like a girl, while trying to set a constant example of what it means to be an American.

10 things 6
Good schools are made up of students with good parents

10. Move to a neighborhood with good schools.

For all the debate over “gentrification”, “white-flight”, and the freedom of school choice, I am only concerned with one thing on this issue, the quality of school my kids will attend. A neighborhood can be gentrified yet still rest in a troubled school district. A family may exchange an urban loft in the city for the hour long commute of suburban living, not because they are “racist” but because they seek better schools. Parents of all races will wait in line for days if it means a chance at getting their kids into a charter school. We often witness liberals injecting race into each of these issues, yet we know for a fact that a desire for a better education is  shared by everyone. So I will make the politically incorrect promise to send my daughter to a school in a neighborhood where she is safe, where my values are shared among a majority of her classmates parents, and where I know the students have parents that give a damn.

Pink guns shoot just as well as not pink guns
bPink guns shoot just as well as not pink guns

9. Buy her a gun and teach her to shoot it.

A pink gun. I will teach her at a young age to shoot and respect her pink gun. She will have a pink shotgun that will match her pink camo, and when she is older a pink pistol.

8. Tell her to be suspicious if a person who looks like a man follows her into a restroom.

Not everyone who looks like a man, is a man, and not everyone who looks like a woman, is a woman. Regardless, I will do my best to to teach her that safety and security depend in part on her ability to recognize a threat. A person who looks like a man, entering a girls restroom, is a perfectly logical reason to be suspicious. I will teach her to be polite and to be smart enough to keep her guard up when something doesn’t seem right.

7. Teach her that a person’s skin color doesn’t determine their ability to accomplish simple tasks.

She will not go through life believing that having to show an ID is a racist request. She will not assume that a person’s skin color determines their ability to obtain a government ID. She will know that people of all races are equally capable of tasks like this. She will also hold equal expectations of civility for all people, knowing that a person’s freewill and personal choices determine their ability, not race.

6. Make sure she appreciates American history and our Constitution.

This one may be more ambitious than the others, after all it seems the public school system and Universities actively strive to do the opposite. So let me clarify, I want to ensure she understands that her Constitutionally protected rights come from God, not from man or government.

10 things 1
Teach daughters how to change tires, so they won’t need a stranger or government worker to do it for them

5. Teach her how to change a tire on a pick-up truck.

Any liberal lady can change a tire on a Prius or a Smart care. I will teach my daughter to change the tire on a full-size pick-up truck… maybe one with a gun rack for her pink shotgun.

4. Make sure she knows that men are supposed to open doors for women.

This used to be the bare minimum for chivalrous behavior, but recently it seems to be a gesture that some women have mistaken to be sexist. My daughter will not be one of those women. When she is on a date, she will expect to be treated like a lady. When a gentleman holds a door open, she will say “thank you”, like a lady.

10 things 3
Avoid confusion, all sorts of girl toys come in pink.

3. Buy her pink toys and dolls until she is old enough to pick out her own toys.

The only gender neutral toys I buy are ones I assume will also be used by a boy (incase we have a son) in the future. These toys are bought because I am cheap and don’t want to buy duplicates, not because I want to confuse my toddler daughter about her gender. She will have pink toys and dolls, just like she will have pink guns when she’s older. I’m not sexist, I just don’t see a damn thing wrong with buying girl toys for girls. (although currently one of her favorite toys is a pink dump truck)

10 things 2

2. Teach her that the highest “privilege” in her life is from having two parents who love her, and she’ll never have to “check” that privilege.

On an issue that is often more applicable to young men, the highest correlation to crime rate is not race, it’s not poverty, it’s not religion, it is whether or not a child has two parents at home. The obvious privilege of having a mother and a father at home is something that seems almost taboo to mention in our politically correct society. There seems to be a reluctance to acknowledge such a privilege out of fear of offending someone who’s family troubles were out of their control. I’m not going to make the claim that liberal political correctness is out to destroy the nuclear family. However it does seem hellbent on convincing people that it simply does not matter. As a politically incorrect father, I am going to do my best to ensure that my daughter receives every privilege from a two parent home. That means holding myself accountable and always trying to be a good example of a father and a husband.

1. Take her to church and remind her that she is part of a Christian family.

Proverbs 22:6  Train children in the way they should go; when they grow old they will not depart from it.

Morals, personal responsibility, service, charity, ethics, righteousness, kindness, we want our children to possess all of these attributes. It would be overly confident to assume most parents can instill all these values without outside help. Bringing my daughter up in the church starts with my wife and I acknowledging that we need help. That we, like the the rest of the congregation are not perfect, that together we can lift each other up, and as a community we can raise kids with the values we strive for every day. It may not be politically correct to admit that I need the church to help me raise a family with values, but it would be incredibly naive to claim that I could do it better without any help.

10 things 5

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