BYU’s Great Response To Bigoted LGBT Groups

BYU’s Great Response To Bigoted LGBT Groups:

Intolerant LGBT Groups Obstruct BYU Conference Aspirations

Brigham Young University, known as BYU, is under attack by LGBT anti-religion hate groups.
Brigham Young University, known as BYU, is under attack by LGBT anti-religion hate groups.

These LGBT groups are seeking to have a private university blocked out of conference realignment because they don’t agree with their beliefs. A private university, being targeted because of their faith, and these fascist LGBT minion groups think they’re fighting for “tolerance”. BYU’s inclusive response is sure to outrage leftists and LGBT fascists who cannot understand why this religious institution wouldn’t be eager to abandon its morality.

“BYU welcomes as full members of the university community all whose conduct meets university standards. We are very clear and open about our honor code, which all students understand and commit to when they apply for admission. One’s stated sexual orientation is not an issue.”

In order to realize the true foolishness of the LGBT injecting itself into this process, one must understand the current college football atmosphere. The Big 12 conference currently has 10 members, while the Big 10 conference has 14 members. So the Big 12 wants two more members so things can be less confusing. It’s new members will be selected based mostly on football success and added media market share during games, it’s that simple.

Know and accept one big fact, college football is by far the driving force for conference alignment. Sure it helps to have a student body over 25,000 (which BYU has), nationwide alumni base (which BYU has), and a long history of other top tier athletics (which BYU has), but the most important factor is football success. Which BYU has. Yet in the letter signed by multiple LGBT groups, actual football is not even mentioned, rather claims and assumptions of homophobia from BYU fans is their concern.

paragraph from letter, LGBT Groups- 

The Big 12 is known for its dedication to its sports community (fans, coaches, staff and players, etc.) and its commitment to the welfare of its student-athletes. BYU’s membership to the Big 12 would jeopardize both. First, LGBT coaches, players and fans who attend and/or compete at any Big 12 events hosted at BYU would be subject to discrimination since BYU remains exempt from Utah’s LGBT nondiscrimination law. Moreover, any student-athlete who identifies as LGBT, and subsequently selects BYU due to its Big 12 membership, would be subjected to BYU’s unabashed discrimination. This would endanger the student-athlete’s NCAA eligibility and mental health. The Big 12’s sports community, especially its student athletes, deserve better than this.

They falsely assume that athletes get to chose the school they play at, but the reality is that the school’s pick their players and the players can accept if chosen, or play elsewhere. It seems the leaders of the LGBT groups haven’t spent much time around actual Mormons, because gay or not they tend to be the nicest people you’ll ever meet.

The BYU athletic director tweeted: “LGBT players, coaches and fans are always welcome to the BYU campus. Everyone should be treated with respect, dignity and love. Tom.” But that wasn’t enough, respect, dignity, and love, is exactly what you’ll get from BYU students and fans. Yet that isn’t what these groups want, they want to attack the Christian religion.

Acceptance is no longer their honorable goal, they now seek to force approval, and will punish anyone who refuses to abandon faith. We’re not talking about a public state funded school like University of Wisconsin or University of Texas. Where rabid political correctness has chased Christianity from most student life on campus. We are talking about a private university founded and established as a religious educational institution. Being targeted by LGBT groups because they won’t change their student code to allow conduct deemed immoral by the church that created the school in the first place. Ironically, even inappropriate heterosexual relations like premarital sex can be grounds for expulsion.

Even more concerning is the LGBT groups belief that private universities and private businesses should be coerced into abandoning faith and loosening conduct codes. It almost seems… how do I say this…oh ya, UN-AMERICAN.

read more at LGBT’s Big 12 obstruction efforts


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