Has Your Child Been Victim Of Political Bullying?

Has Your Child Been Victim Of Political Bullying?

70% Of Students Say They Have…

democrat bully
Liberals use vague “hate speech” claims to blame school bullying on President Trump.

A recent study being paraded around by the left is claiming to represent “proof” that Trump supporters are racist bigots…and so are their children. The study only focuses on students subjected to “hate speech” and “anti-gay” comments at school and on buses.

Recently Huffington Post published an article touting the “bullying” findings. Using these findings to further convince their readers that anti-gay, anti- minority sentiments are under every rock in America. Conveniently these “studies” don’t mention the bulling and harassment of Trump supporters by Hillary supporting students. But it’s reasonable to assume that liberal media outlets are eager to distract from the endless string of videos showing their Democrat supporters rioting, harassing, and attacking inauguration attendees.

Below is an excerpt from the HuffPo article ‘Teens Report Onslaught Of “Bullying” During Divisive Election’. Read closely…

“Our biggest takeaway was that 70 percent of all respondents had witnessed bullying, hate speech or harassment since the 2016 election,” said Allison Turner, assistant press secretary for the Human Rights Campaign, a prominent LGBT advocacy group that conducted the survey. HRC polled a large, though not demographically representative, sample of the nation’s youth.

Race, sexual orientation, and immigration status were the factors most often linked to bullying and social marginalization, according to the survey, which documented the experiences of adolescents between the ages of 13 and 18, many of them gay, lesbian, or transgender; some 45 percent of the teens who participated identified as heterosexual.

Did you catch that? This “bullying study” being touted a representative of students nation-wide, only has 45% of it’s respondents identify at straight. Only 45%! How does a sample that skewed even come close to representing anything? Huffington Post is trying to convince you of a bullying epidemic caused by Trump, with a survey sample that is 55% non-heterosexual. (If 55% of our youth are not heterosexual…humanity is doomed. Seriously.)

Democrat bully
Democrat protester peacefully smashes car windows our of hate for democracy

Aside from the skewed and bogus study sample, the liberal’s intent in pushing a “bullying” narrative at a time like this is to counter the visibility of overt and unrestrained hate coming from the left. Be it smashing car windows, “blowing up the white house”, physically attacking innocent inauguration attendees, or shouting down people because the are “white”. There is no more hiding the vile contempt and seething hatred currently coming from the Democrats, so the HuffPo does what we would expect them to, they trot out a “victimhood” study and attempt to realign the narrative.

Click here for Hateful Liberals Harassing Americans
Crusading against bullying, as vague as such a fight must be, allows the left to deem any opinion that doesn’t fit their politically correct mold as “hate speech”… and anyone with ears who happen to hear this “hate speech” is considered a victim of “bullying”.

democrat bully
Bullies used to steal lunch money and shove you in lockers, now HuffPo says bullies mention the need for secure borders and believe in traditional marriage.

It used to be a “bully” was the guy who stole your lunch money, shoved you around on the bus, called you names, and knocked books out of your hand. There was something inherently mean and anti-social with bullies, something far beyond simply expressing a political opinion. But the new “bully”, according to the left, is anyone who doesn’t fall in line with their narrative and still has the nerve to speak out. In the liberal’s reality where 55% of America is not heterosexual, and minorities are victims of border sovereignty, any mention of borders, God, marriage, or a fetuses right to life, is considered “hate speech” and “bullying”.

“The election results and the rhetoric going on in the media are enabling what would otherwise have been latent discrimination,” Bond said. His organization, he said, is now counseling youth confronted by a wave of more “obvious and observable discrimination that is seemingly more welcome in the public eye, unfortunately.”

After more than 18 months of political invective aimed at Mexico and Mexican immigrants, Latino young people are, unsurprisingly, rattled. The survey found Latinos were “20 percent more likely than other youth to have been personally bullied.”

Hate crimes and bias incidents are a national problem, but there’s no reliable data on their nature or prevalence. We’re collecting reports to create a national database for use by journalists and civil-rights organizations.

HuffPo just can’t help themselves, “After more than 18 months of political invective aimed at Mexico and Mexican immigrants”… really? I don’t recall any “invective” aimed at legal Mexican immigrants. If young latinos feel “rattled” it’s because irresponsible media outlets are failing to discern between legal and illegal immigration. If young latinos feel worried, it’s because Democrats have played on their fears and lied to them for political gain.

Click here for reports of Liberal Students Stealing From Bake Sale

Democrat Bully
Protesters ignite fires outside the National Press Building ahead of the presidential inauguration.

This claim that “hate crimes and bias incidents are a national problem” has been an ongoing theme during the whole election and transition. The problem the left has was that many of the “hate crimes” currently reported on by mainstream media end up being false and made up. Meanwhile Americans get to witness a multitude of “hate crimes and bias incidents” from large gatherings of Democrats and liberal agitators. We witness vulgar displays, obscenities, cars destroyed, people spat on, people beaten, streets blocked, bottled thrown at heads, police officers attacked and much worse.. only to have the media tell us they are “peaceful protesters” who are “expressing grievances”.

These double standards are obvious to many Americans. These double standards led to Trump’s election. Many people who voted for Trump were silent about their choice prior to the election. They feared being targeted by enraged liberal acquaintances. They feared being called racist, bigot, homophobe by irrational liberals unwilling to discuss substantive issues. That is what the left failed to realize, they did a good job shutting people up, but that just added to their confusion and surprise when Trump actually won.

The left was so vested in their silencing tactic that even teachers were told to shame students who openly supported Trump. “The lesson plan encourages teachers to confront any student who fails to denounce the Trump presidency and commands them to “explain why Trump is not a racist” in front of the class.” Can you imagine the hissy-fit liberals would have if a teacher demanded a liberal student stand up and explain why Hillary isn’t a corrupt socialist?

Huffington Post want’s you to believe your children are going to be subject to relentless bullying because of President Trump’s election win. They won’t. Liberals want you to believe that racist and anti-gay bullying is around every corner. It’s not. Americans are a tolerant people, and our country is as inclusive and accepting as it has ever been. The reason liberal media continues to focus on “bullying” is that it gives them an outlet for all things they consider “hate speech”.

Click Here: Teachers Instructed To Shame Trump Supporting Students In Front Of Class 

If mentioning the security of our nation’s borders can be considered “hate speech”, then by the left’s understanding, anyone who hears someone speak about border security is a victim of “bullying”. That is how you get to a 70% “bullying” rate.

There are many incidents involving liberal students acting out against conservative students, but those go relatively unreported by the mainstream media. Click here for one more example. 

The video below exemplifies true political bullying, and the proper way to handle it.


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