Does Race Determine Our Ability To Obtain A Voter ID:

Does Race Determine Our Ability To Obtain A Voter ID:

Voter ID Laws Are Called Racist By People Who Believe Race Determines Ability

All races are equally capable of following voter ID laws
All races are equally capable of following voter ID laws

Every election season we are confronted with the same debate and the same excuses. The debate over voter ID and polling integrity vs lowered expectations and anecdotal excuses. The all to predictable response from liberals is that the burden of obtaining an ID is greater for minorities. In a few ironic instances they even site bureaucratic hassles and costs that prevent their poor voters from accessing government issued ID. (yet they gleefully turn our healthcare over to the same bureaucratic entities)

As we approach November we will begin to see the liberal media conduct weekly efforts to “inform” us about the mean and nasty states that share the audacity of expecting their citizen voters to possess a government ID. Just this week Yahoo News picked up a WaPo sob story about a man they claim is oppressed by this simple task.

“election experts say that the process for obtaining a photo ID can be far more difficult than it looks for hundreds of thousands of people across the country who do not have the required photo identification cards. Those most likely to be affected are elderly citizens, African-Americans, Hispanics and low-income residents.”

Some people believe that black Americans are less capable of the simple task of obtaining an ID
Some people believe that black Americans are less capable of the simple task of obtaining an ID

What we need to be asking ourselves whenever we’re confronted with liberal claims like this is “do I believe people of all races are capable of the same simple tasks?” Your average liberal does in fact believe blacks and hispanics are less capable of this simple task. They cannot help but to infer racial oppression on polling integrity efforts, it is how they were told to believe. Even the NAACP takes this oddly self-hating stance when it comes to making excuses in the opposition of voter ID laws.

“South Carolina’s voter ID law was little more than a 21st Century poll tax, said NAACP President Benjamin Todd Jealous. “While some may quibble over the intent, there is no doubt the effect of this law would disproportionately block black South Carolinians from voting.”

The NAACP is actually trying to tell us that they believe blacks in South Carolina are less capable of the simple task of obtaining an ID to vote with. However, I truly believe they are wrong, I truly believe blacks in South Carolina and everywhere else are as equally capable of this task as any other race.

Hillary Clinton is taking full advantage. She hopes that using voter ID minority suppression scare tactics to stir up support and will increase her polling among blacks. Last summer she declared “war on voter ID” at the same time she released the ill-thought out tweet questioning why a student ID (that doesn’t show residence) is invalid for voting while a Concealed Carry ID (that does show residence) is valid.

“It was also no accident that Clinton’s carefully stage-managed speech was scheduled for Texas Southern University, a historically black college in Houston.” –writes Janell Ross, in her article detailing Clinton’s war on voter ID.

vote2There is no better example of the liberal soft bigotry of lowered expectations than their excuses against voter ID. If every liberal who claimed to “know someone who is unable to access an ID”, was as compassionate as they pretend to be, they’d help those people themselves. But that isn’t their desire, they aren’t trying to help. They want to look down on blacks, the want to pretend that voter ID is disenfranchising because it is politically expedient. They can keep expectations low on minorities while claiming to be fighting for them.

Probably the most telling sign that Hillary and the liberal’s war on voter ID is rooted in something far more integrity lacking, is their insistence that voter fraud does not happen. So do you believe them? Do you believe liberals when they say that minorities are less capable of simple tasks? Do you believe liberals when they tell you that polling integrity isn’t necessary because fraud doesn’t exist? Actually, the real question is, “do you believe liberals have the integrity to be honest about this issue?”



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