Origins Of The Culture Of No Integrity

The seemingly ambitious goals of independence, liberty, and freedom, are based on the presumption that the American dream, the value of integrity, and the drive for personal responsibility trumps unheeded government dependence.

With roots in the philosophies of Karl Marx, the utopian dream of a benevolent centralized power that can relieve every citizen of all the burdens of freedom, has been shared by every Communist, Socialist, and modern American Liberal over the past 120 years. We’re here to discuss how this dream has formed the American liberal and driven them to defend a culture of no integrity.

When did this “culture of no integrity” begin?

Woodstock Generation cartoon, Gary Varvel-8x6.pngThere wasn’t really a beginning so much as there was an evolution from the 1960’s and 1970’s “counter culture” or rather a “cultural rejection of wisdom”. This wave of cultural rejection gained traction in the early 1960’s as college age children decided that the fight against communism, and the protection of liberty around the world, was not a worthwhile endeavor. The common saying “don’t trust anyone over thirty” exemplifies this rejection of wisdom. Ironically the “over thirty” population in America had personally faced the hardships of the depression and dutifully stepped up to preserve liberty around the world. But the America of the 1940’s and 1950’s did have its flaws, and in some areas old school beliefs on race were pervasive.

The “counter culture” gained validation with their simultaneous and honorable support for civil rights. However this has had residual effects in modern times as we see social justice crusaders often linking arms with Marxists. The common progressive train of thought when it comes to racial justice, is that the images.jpegadvocation for minorities requires the belief that minorities desire socialist or communist leadership, that minorities are burdened more than whites by the demands and expectations of liberty and capitalism. We know this is not true, we know that capitalism and liberty have boosted standards of living for all races over the past century. But this is an inconvenient fact for politicians who seek to use race to divide us for their electoral benefit.

So how did we get from anti-liberty hippies to this “culture of no integrity? 

Well it happened with the running faucet of progressivism on many fronts. From the often mocked scoreless sports games with participation trophies, to the eradication of corporal punishment, from the mainstreaming of thug culture, to the glorification of reckless promiscuity in the movies and TV. These things alone do not pose a serious threat to our personal integrity, but combined, their effect on society is not a virtuous one.

What fault does our government have in propagating the “culture of no integrity”?

Occasionally the importance of personal accountability is minimized by some politicians in a vain attempts to convince voters that their nomination and election successes are necessary to achieve a particular standard of living. They point at success and call it greed, they feed on jealousy. They claim that what a person achieves through responsibility, intellect, and integrity, is from nothing but a miserly desire to see the poor suffer. Recently this culture of no integrity is growing, exacerbated by the insatiate politician, fooling many citizens into willingly trading responsibility and virtue for social entitlement.bernie-sanders-free-stuff

Our government, rather our politicians, are well aware of the potential to seize power from an integrity lacking constituency. They understand that a promise to alleviate the consequence of a bad choice, will always posses an attraction to many people. Whether it is government funded abortion, cradle to grave welfare, or shortened sentencing for criminals.


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