A disturbing trend has arisen. A culture existing within our country…

A disturbing trend has arisen. A culture exists within our country that does not value liberty’s expectations. A culture rooted in moral relativism, political correctness, and infatuated with substantive equality*. Condemning traditional American liberty as oppressive and requiring privilege. In this culture it is understood that true freedom requires too much personal responsibility for the average American. This culture maintains the belief that an individual must support expanding entitlements, government coercion, and a race based lowering of standards in order to be viewed as a compassionate and tolerant person.

Proposing limits on wealth, closeting faith from public view, using abusive tax and regulatory policies to confiscate labor, and rejecting many of the fundamental tenants of right and wrong. This “Liberal” culture holds contempt for many of the principles that traditionally attracted the world’s freedom loving immigrants of integrity.

Many adherents to this culture are unaware of their own subversion to our founding American principles. In the name of “compassion” they oppose the traditional expectations that made America attractive to such a diverse cross-section of humanity. The true optimism of freedom and the spirit of the American dream is lost on them.

Yet they are smart enough to know that prioritizing diversity for diversity sake is a clever facade for a position that seeks to expand government and turn our country toward the socialist tyranny so many immigrants fled in the first place.

*Substantive Equality; equality of substance, equality of wealth and possession. Using the law to make everyone substantively equal


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