Modern liberals seek “diversity” because they believe it yields more victim groups. Liberalism relies on the assignment and categorization of victim groups as an integral recruiting mechanism for their ideology. The obvious confirmation of this belief is the vile condescension exhibited by the left toward individuals who increase diversity but refuse to fall in line with the liberal ideology.

Liberalism contorts freedom’s expectation of personal responsibility into claims of oppression. Holding up victims and demanding more power for a centralized government to “fix” a range of grievances and hardships. Blind to its’ own soft bigotry, liberalism’s moral relativism enables it to relentlessly utilizes an assortment of victim groups to demand government expansion, intrusion, and coercion. Both political parties have thrived under this approach to growing government, but the liberal Democrats have shamelessly mastered the art. Republicans do this to pursue national security, Democrats do this to pursue social justice.

Liberalism worships diversity’s usefulness as a political tool. It does not celebrate America’s diversity as a result of its liberty. Rather it does the opposite, it insists that ‘because of’ diversity there is more need for stronger centralized government.



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