Liberal Americans Don’t Know Where Their Rights Come From

This should come as no surprise, but liberals in America have no clue where their rights come from. As most conservatives are well aware, our rights aren’t created by our government, nor are they designed by man or the Constitution. They are inherent and natural, granted by God, protected by our Constitution, and applicable regardless of sex, race, religion, etc.

Yet liberals don’t see it that way. Their insistence that God does not exist, or at the very least that God shouldn’t be mentioned in the same paragraph as government, has caused them to fall short on the understanding of where their rights originate.

Proof of their ignorance can be found at every turn. In an especially simplistic and exemplifying manner we captured there lack of understanding on a Yahoo Answers forum when we asked the easiest of American political questions. In multiple choice form, we raised the question…

“Where do our rights come from?”  A) Man B) Government C) Our Constitution                        D) God/Nature

Yahoo yahoos question.jpg

It seems that liberals will stop at nothing to refute the endowment of our rights by God. Even with the option of “nature” or “natural rights” they are reluctant to acknowledge that rights could come from anything other than man or government. This mentality, this understanding, is exactly the threat to freedom that our founding fathers realized could jeopardize the liberty of future generations. That is why they made it abundantly clear in the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights, that those rights were not contingent on the labor of others, not given by government, but God-given inherent to all citizens.

It is the duty of every American to help educate those who have succumb to the ignorance of liberalism. Explain to them that rights granted by men and government can be taken away, but rights given by God are inherent and that fighting man/government for the maintenance of those rights, will forever be a righteous battle.


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