The Culture Of No Integrity

Liberty Vs. The Culture Of No Integrity

Dangerous to the liberty of our nation are those whom misguided, have been taught to hold the expectations in our leaders, of ensuring crippling entitlements, seeding a tolerance for lowered expectations, and have unknowingly rooted it in a soft bigotry. If unwarranted federal assistance to the population is extended for political purposes, it can be concluded that our nation has perceived less value in these individuals and therefore holds little or no expectation of personal responsibility and societal beneficence. Still ironically constitutional, their individual vote must retain equal strength. However beyond the physical act of voting, the capable citizens relying on and perpetuating this “nanny state” should be considered, by their own proclamation and based on action or omission of any societal contribution, to be deleterious to liberty as well as a collective economic burden.

images.jpegMany Americans have been convinced that the accomplishment of the relative “American Dream” is a right owed to them, separate and apart from personal drive, ethics, and abilities. Deceived by charlatans under the guise of “progressivism” , people are told that it is their vote, not their perseverance, that is the price paid for the American Dream to come true. These votes, attained by promises of something for nothing, at the expense of abusing educated hard working Americans, are responsible for reinforcing and exacerbating the tyrannical hand of “progressive” government.

Increasingly appalling, is an expanding culture of no integrity that has gripped many Americans. This is exemplified in the Bernie Sanders campaign. People insisting on something for nothing, whether its a house, college, healthcare, food etc. Real greed is not the frugal millionaire, who worked hard and saved wisely, real greed is wanting something from someone else without doing the labor or making the tough choices others have done to acquire their success and wealth. Real greed is hoping the successful will fail, and voting for politicians that promise to help strip the them of their fruits, in the name of a jealously driven social justice. Currently, this unAmerican “culture of no integrity” infecting our country is disregarding the necessity of personal responsibility and integrity when achieving the “American dream”. Simply winning elections is not enough to correct this course, our liberty will crumble if integrity fails to be an expectation of every politician, and more importantly every American.